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Headquartered in Austin, is the leader in voice-to-text services and offers audio transcription, video captions and document translation. Rev’s network of 40,000 freelancers is the largest of its kind, enabling the company to offer its services at the lowest prices and fastest turnaround times. Rev’s mission is to create great work from home jobs, powered by AI.

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Pet-Friendly Philosophy

The management team at Austin-based voice-to-text services company believes in the benefits of allowing dogs in the company office. It has been great for the company culture, for both employees and their furry companions. Including pets in the workspace has helped with productivity, employee bonding and recruiting and retaining top talent in the technology industry. 

Team members find that taking a break to walk their dog helps clear their heads, gets the blood flowing, and better enables them to tackle their jobs. In addition, pets help relieve stress so employees at have found that taking a few minutes to play with a pup is a great way to decompress and recharge throughout the day.

“Our people are as passionate about their pets as they are about their work, and we love talking about our office dogs and their fun personalities… even those employees who don’t have a dog at home love to come to work and interact with their fluffy co-workers.”

Alex Stammler, Facilities Manager,

The Austin headquarters is in a big house, which has a backyard where the dogs can run around or relax and go to the bathroom as needed. The company is also cognizant of those with allergies and ensures everyone is comfortable and safe at work.

Providing a pet-friendly environment as one of its key perks helps attract and retain top talent in the very competitive Austin tech industry. When team members have their pets with them at work, they don’t have to worry about pet sitting costs or be concerned that their pups are bored (or being naughty) at home alone.

Additionally, having dogs in the office on a regular basis provides opportunities for co-workers to bond over their pets, meet up outside of work for pet playdates and share tips and tricks for pet care and training.

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