Common Barriers to Pet-Friendly Housing

Many pet-owning homeseekers face challenges when it comes to finding housing for themselves and their pets. This is especially true for pet owners who rent their homes.

Many of the barriers listed here can be chalked up to long-standing misconceptions held by landlords and property managers. Fortunately, an increasing number are recognizing the benefits pets have to offer them, their properties, and their tenants.

Limited Availability

Many apartments, condos, and rentals impose harsh restrictions on the type and number of pets allowed, if they allow them at all. These policies are frequently adopted under the mistaken belief that renting to pet owners is a liability. In reality, pet owners tend to incur less damage than tenants who don’t own pets. On top of that, pet owners tend to be more stable renters than those without pets. Nevertheless, finding housing that allows pets at all continues to be a major challenge to pet owners — and a great opportunity for savvy, pet-friendly property owners.

Excessive Rental Fees

In a nationwide study of renters with pets, pet owners were found to pay upwards of 30% more in rental fees than non-owners.


increase in housing rental fees associated with pet ownership

Excessive Fees

Even when homeseekers find housing that will allow their pets, the fees associated with them can be prohibitively high. Excessive pet deposits and other fees unfairly discriminate against pet owners.

Limited Access to Amenities

Many neighborhoods lack amenities for pets, making life difficult for pets and their owners.

Dog parks or other pet-friendly green spaces offer places for pets to get exercise and socialization; both essential components to maintaining a dog’s health and well-being. Without access to dog parks, owners must find other ways to get their pets the exercise they need

Along with dog parks, the availability of regularly placed and maintained pet clean-up stations is another amenity that many communities lack.

Want to Make Your Properties Pet-Friendlier?

Check out our guide on developing pet-friendly property management policies. Find out what you can do to make your rentals more welcoming to pets and owners alike.

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Mars Petcare's Better Cities for Pets™ program features a comprehensive set of materials and resources designed to help you develop practical strategies for improving the pet-friendliness of your community.

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