Developing Pet-Friendly Properties

Design With Pets In Mind

Developers, designers, and architects can take advantage of the benefits of — and demand for — pet-friendly real estate by incorporating pets’ needs into every stage of their projects. New construction can be designed specifically to address the needs of pets and their owners while existing spaces can be retrofitted to accommodate them.

Pet Relief Areas

Just as bathrooms are essential to human inhabitants, pet relief areas are essential for pets. Pet-friendly spaces should include at least one pet relief area that provides pet waste bags and a regularly emptied waste receptacle.

Not a Drop to Drink

A 2017 survey of mayors conducted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Mars Petcare found that only 42% had hydration stations available for their city’s pets.


cities without hydration stations

Hydration Stations

Water is another necessity for pets, especially in areas with high temperatures. Pet-friendly spaces should include at least one potable water fountain that dispenses fresh water for pets — ideally into a vessel located at an accessible height.

Enclosed Play/Exercise Areas

A fenced-in or otherwise enclosed area allows dogs to get exercise and to socialize with other dogs and owners in the area.

Pet Washing Stations

Areas that allow for pets to be cleaned and dried are an excellent complement to play areas and help keep pets from tracking the outside inside.

On-Site Grooming Services

Placing a groomer on-site allows owners to keep their pets in excellent shape without needing to travel far.

Concierge Services

Including a dedicated pet concierge can dramatically ease the burden on owners who may need assistance walking and looking after their pets during busier times.

Looking for Even More Ways to Improve Your Pet-Friendliness?

Check out Better Cities for Pets™’ comprehensive set of resources for more information on specific actions you can take to improve the pet-friendliness of your community.

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Mars Petcare's Better Cities for Pets™ program features a comprehensive set of materials and resources designed to help you develop practical strategies for improving the pet-friendliness of your community.

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